150 Years of Gynarchy

by Viola Voltairine

with essays by Natalia Stroika and Pearl O'Leslie

150 Years of Gynarchy: with essays by Natalia Stroika and Pearl O'Leslie
Voltairine, Viola and Stroika, Natalia and O'Leslie, Pearl


This book is for men who worship women. It's for women who think feminism doesn't go far enough. It's for people of all genders who are fed up with male dominance. The opposite of patriarchy is Gynarchy, but it's not just a simple flip of the script. The Gynarchist must not emulate the same mistakes, or perpetuate the oppressive power dynamics prevalent for thousands of years.

150 Years of Gynarchy offers a theoretical background and a simple set of ideas and dynamics for bringing about the downfall of male dominance and ending the brutalization of women. Liberation begins at home. This includes using sex and sexuality to shift the collective psyche. 150 Years of Gynarchy will deprogram misogyny, heal wounds, balance the scales of history, and lead to a real and lasting equality.

"This is a spectacularly well-written (manifesto? Can I use that word?) book, that offers a beautifully complete and compelling view of a potential world of the future, with a realistic approach to making change in the here-and-now. For the male submissive, this is required reading. For Female Dominants, well, you probably already know all of this information, but I recommend it all the same. If you want to show your support, then it's required buying, at the very least. Then make it required reading for one of the men in your life. They will be grateful!" - AVA PAULSON, AMAZON.COM BOOK REVIEW

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About the Author

Viola Strepsata Voltairine opens her professional writing career with her tour de force, 150 Years of Gynarchy, an exploration of the intersection between FemDom and feminism. Already an accomplished filmmaker, she has participated in many illicit occupations to support her artistic habits, from being the program director of the Z Film Festival and festival director of the 72 Hour Feature Project in Chicago to running a commercial BDSM studio/art space and later becoming a kink educator for in-person and on-line workshops.

Voltairine founded the production company Artvamp in 2000, and has since produced a number of award-winning feature films. These include the experimental narrative film Profane, which won Best Feature at the Boston Underground Film Festival and Best Film of the Year in the Underground Film Journal, as well as the Creative Capital award-winning documentary Nice Bombs, shot in Baghdad a few months after the beginning of U.S. occupation. Her work has appeared on the Sundance Channel, and many of the films she has worked on have gotten international distribution and been shown in festivals and on television around the world. For her short films, she has received grants from the Princess Grace Foundation and the Film Society of Lincoln Center. She was given a full merit scholarship to the School of the Art Institute Chicago where she received her Master's degree in Film and Video. Viola is raising a 9-year-old daughter, and has a grown son and two grandsons. In her spare time, she studies Sanskrit, meditates, and creates educational podcasts on female led relationships.

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